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Ujeengo Global Community

Ujeengo Global Community (Ujeengo) works to improve the lives of all peoples of African decent in the global north and the global south. Ujeengo works with marginalized communities to improve the socio-economic conditions in the areas of health, gender based violence, women’s economic empowerment, labour and human rights.

Our Approach

Ujeengo and its partners work to mobilize and empower communities through organising equitable and inclusive spaces for consultation and dialogue, actively monitoring governments’ process towards the Sustainable Develop Goals (SDGs) as they relate to People of African Descent across the global; and coordinating training and development forums for workers, health practitioners and community members.

A gender analysis guides our work on promoting the rights of women and girls, working to eradicate all forms of gender based violence; and improving the socio-economic conditions for women and girls.