about us

Ujeengo Global Community

Ujeengo Global Community is a non-profit NGO with offices in Canada, Kenya and Nigeria that promotes social justice, good governance & democracy, human rights, and community development globally.


Our Vision

To support and build communities of African descent so that all its members can fully participate in the social, economic, and political issues of the societies in which they live.

Our Mission

  • Promote community economic development by enhancing access to training, employment, business opportunities and investments
  • Advocate for the safety and security of women, youth and children
  • Build community relationships so that all member contributions are valued
  • Enhance the communities’ access to education, integrated holistic health and wellness
  • Advocate for the transformation of societal systems to uphold social justice, women's equality and human rights

Our Team

Leadership & Program Team:

  • • Ujeengo Global Community Canada, Advisory Board
  • • Ujeengo Global Community Kenya Board of Directors
  • • Ujeengo Global Initiative Nigeria, Board of Directors
  • • Executive Director, Ujeengo Global Community International, Canada
  • • Regional Coordinator, West Africa, Ujeengo Global Initiative Nigeria
  • • Regional Coordinator, Central and East Africa, Ujeengo Global Commu-nity Kenya
  • • Programmes Coordinator, Consortium on International Development Programs in Kenya (CIDPK)

Current Partnerships

Ujeengo currently has local partners in Canada, Kenya and Nigeria

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Our network of partners include our sister organizations, Ujeengo Global Initiative Nigeria and Ujeengo Global Community Kenya, Black Educators Association, Halifax and Kaafa Consulting.
In 2020 we formed the Consortium on International Development Projects in Kenya (CIDPK) with the Social Development Network Kenya (SODNET-K). Our consortium seeks to:
  1. Monitor government progress towards the realization of human rights, gender equality, civil and political economic rights;

  2. Analyze government legislative and policy frameworks regarding their conformation to international human rights standards and norms

  3. Influence policy making on gender and social development, resource management, and globalisation; and

  4. Advocate for the transformation of Kenyan social, economic and political systems to uphold social justice, women’s equality and human rights